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Error when firing a web service in a pre-open


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Can someone PLEASE help on this? It is getting really frustrating and time-consuming.

DEVELOPED in LiveCycle 8.05: We have 4 text fields and 4 drop-down fields that all populate from a web service which is activated from a 9th field (network login name). The 4 ddl fields populate with the employee's specific information from the data base as well as a list of all other names (in case a correction is required).

TESTED in Acrobat Pro 8.1.2: All but 1 of the 8 fields successfully return the employee's specific information and the additional lists. The division name drop-down field is not working, it will not return any data (the app.alerts entered into the code work). And when the field is tested it fatally errors-out and closes the program.

We are using the following JS for this field (please note we've added app.alerts just to see if the code was working - and they do appear):

----- form1.#pageSet[0].Page1.#subform[0].ddlDivision::initialize: - (JavaScript, client) ----------

WSScriptObj.LoadDdlFromDelimitedStr(txtDivisionResult.formattedValue, this );

app.alert("in init");

----- form1.#pageSet[0].Page1.#subform[0].ddlDivision::preOpen: - (JavaScript, client) -------------

// set the division drop down based on the dept.

app.alert("inside preopen");

//fire the webservice


app.alert("after webservice");

// load the ddl from comma delimited string

WSScriptObj.LoadDdlFromDelimitedStr(txtDivisionResult.formattedValue, ddlDivision );

app.alert("after load delimited str");


app.alert("after set ddl selected");

I can send the file if that will assist.
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