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Error in attaching big files to PDF


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I am trying to attach multiple big files(~400 MB) to a PDF using Assembler. Is there a limitation in the size of a PDF file? And it is possible to process the file with Assembler with the following configuration? What should be maximum java heap size in order to get OutOfMemoryError?

I am using LC 8.1 SP1b on Windows Server 2003 Std.Ed. SP2 with 2 GM RAM.
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In order to execute Assembler you loosely use the following formula.

Heap size should be at least (Input file size) + (Output file size) + (Applications running on machine).

I would suggest checking your Java Application Server size in that most Java Application servers can use quite a bit of memory. Since you are running Server 2003 which has a max of 4Gig, I would suggest upgrading your memory from 2 to 4Gig.