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Emailing Form in PDF format instead on xml? -need help!-


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I have a webpage that has a link that directs customers to a pdf form I created with Adobe Designer 7.0 and when the customer is done filling out their information in the form and click's the submit email button. It comes to my inbox in an .xml! is there a way I can have it to where the file comes as a .pdf or can I jus convert the .xml into a word .doc or .pdf?

-Thank You SOoo Much!-
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Run a search on the forum, and you will find several threads discussing this.


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Hi,<br /><br />You have to edit the xml of the form (view->Xml source in Designer), go to the email button data and there you´ll find something like this:<br /><submit format="xml" target="mailto:?subject=........<br />If you change "xml" for "pdf", the result is a pdf like attachment


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Hi Rochelle,

The forums are here to help all those in need, but Daniel has a point - this specific question has been posed countless times, and a search would have revealed that. None the less, I hope you find this helpful:

In your form, do as follows:

Add a button (not the email submit button, just the "button").

Set the Control type to 'Submit' (under your Object tab).

On the Submit tab (under your Object tab), add "mailto:name@domain.com" in the Submit to URL box.

Change the 'Submit As' drop down to 'PDF' (your other options are XML, XDP and FDF).

Save the form.



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Hi, Rochelle

You can convert Xml to pdf using for example Altsoft Xml2PDF. see here