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Email submit fails


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It's the form that gets no rest. I had a working version, but the users asked for a major redesign of the form, reducing it to a single page by taking out a lot of fields. That required significant changes to the javascript.

I've got the form validation code working again for the most part. There is still a bug in the code for the new Role drop-down field. When the selected Role is "Other", the Specify Other text field should become visible, and the validation code should require the Specify Other field to be populated if "Other" is selected for the Role.

Once validation succeeds, the code reaches the line that sends the email...


event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto:" + strToAddress + "?cc=" + strCCAddress + "&subject=" + strSubject + "&body=" + strMessage,cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:


...but the line doesn't result in creation of an email.

We did recently migrate from GroupWise to Outlook in this shop, if anyone thinks that might have something to do with the problem.


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The syntax for the carbon copy is &cc= and therefore we place this at the end of the cURL string. See an example here (third button at the end of the page): http://assure.ly/dYQFb4.

Hope that helps,



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This actually seems to be an environment problem. After banging my head against it all day, I let one of my co-workers try the form. It worked fine for her. Hopefully the network guys can figure this one out.