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Easy One Here....combining fields into one field


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I would like to combine in one field the entries from six other fields

for example

WO# 89326

Customer Name Hardy

PO# 1234

Plant 2314

# of Designs 27

# of trusses 82

The combined filed would return


I can easiy grab one field but adding is binding name as a calc field...how do i add more than one?


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Look at the "Cancat()" function.


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Thanks Geo - that worked great...here is how i did it

Concat(plant,"/", customer,"/",Workordernum,"/",po,"/",num_design,"/",num_truss)

Any idea how i could hand off that string created as the subject of the email? Also, is it possible to have a "submit by email" button that just open and the and does NOT attach the xml.

thanks for your help...Patrick
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