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Dynamically rendering form elements


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I am very new to Adobe LiveCycle Designer and Adobe Form Server.

Is is possible to create form elements dynamically? For example. User

A's has 2 choices , so when the form is rendered for User A, he/she sees

2 checkboxes, whereas User B' has 3 choices, so the form should display

3 choices.

what is the approach generally followed? Any suggestions will be


I am using Adobe Designer version 7.0 for Windows XP and Adobe Form Server 7.0.1 for Sun platform

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One approach is to set the presence property.

I do something similar. I have an oracle application that passes an xml stream and the xdp form name to the form server. The form server then renders the pdf. Initialization scripts within the xdp file hide or display subForms which hides/displays pages to the user.

Your initialization javascript might be something like:

if (xfa.record.someItem.value == "Y") {

xfa.form.myDocument.checkBoxSubForm1.presence = "hidden";

xfa.form.myDocument.checkBoxSubForm2.presence = "visible";

} else {

xfa.form.myDocument.checkBoxSubForm1.presence = "visible";

xfa.form.myDocument.checkBoxSubForm2.presence = "hidden";



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Hi John,<br /><br />Thanks for the prompt reply. I am trying something similar. It works partially. <br />I have 3 checkboxes, planA, planB and planC. The checkbox becomes visible/invisible based presence/abscene of xml tag respectively (see test.xml below); BUT the checkbox does not show up as checked (even though the value in test.xml is 1 for planC). <br /><br />I tried the following FormCalc (run at Client) in the initialize event of planC checkbox<br /><br />if (Exists($data.distributionForm.participant.plan.planC)) then<br /> planC.presence = "visible";<br /> planC.rawValue = $data.distributionForm.participant.plan.planC;<br />else <br /> planC.presence = "invisible";<br />endif<br /><br />Here's my test.xml<br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><distributionForm><br /> <participant><br /> <plan><br /> <planA>1</planA><br /> <planB>1</planB><br /> <planC>1</planC><br /> </plan><br /> </participant><br /></distributionForm><br /><br />What am I doing wrong? <br />Thanks