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Dynamically populated forms lose data when saved by user


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We have forms developed in Live Cycle ES that contain fiels that are dynamically populated from a database.

We have extended these forms in Acrobat so that users may save them with the pre-populated data.

Our issue is that the user must manipulate the form in some manner, such as changing a field, in order for it to be saved with the pre-populated data. If the user simply opens the pdf with Reader, then saves the file without changing any fields, all data is lost in the resulting saved file.

Is there a way we can enable the user to simply open the form that has been dynamically populated and save it with this data simply by doing a "Save As"?

Thanks in advance for any help offered~
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Try this: In Designer under File/Form Properties on the Deafaults tab there is a setting in the Scripting area for preserving scripting changes. Make sure that Automatically is set then try your test again.