Dynamically Populate a Drop-Down List connected to Access Dbase



Hello Everyone

Since I've upgraded from Acrobat 8 to 9 Pro, an issue has developed concerning connecting a drop-down to an Access database. I had it working before and I can't figure out whats changed. I don't have a lot of experience at this but I had it working till recently.

For testing purposes, I created a blank Access database with a single field. Using Designer, I created a blank form, and placed a single drop-down list on the page.

I then created a database connection in the dataview pane. Using the wizard, I selected OLDB database, Jet, connected to the database, selected the table and completed the wizard.

I then selected the drop-down list, bound the field to the data connection selecting the appropriate field. I enabled Dynamic properties for the field and selected the field name.

When I preview the form, I get only one entry in the list. The list doesn't drop-down.

I've searched forever for something that might tell me where I'm missing this but it seems pretty straight forward. Still, it no longer works.

What am I missing?