Dynamically Generate Fields




I am new to Life Cycle but am trying to come up with what code I would use to automatically generate certain fields based upon what is entered into a drop-down list. For instance I would have a drop down list with Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3. If Item 1 was chosen for example text field 1 and 3 would show. If Item 3 were chosen text field 2 would show. If Item 2 was chosen text field 4, 5, and 6 will show. Can anyone help me out with some code that would accomplish something like this???





Assuming the dropdownlist is called DDL your code woudl look something like this:

On the exit event of the DDL field and the code is set to javascript:

if (this.rawValue == "item1"){

TextField1.presence = "visible";

TextField3.presence = "visisble";

} else {

TextField2.presence = "invisible";

TextField4.presence = "invisible";

TextField5.presence = "invisible";

Textfield6.presence = "invisible";


if (this.rawValue == "item2"){

TextField4.presence = "visible";

TextField5.presence = "visisble";

Textfield6.presence = "visible";

} else {

TextField1.presence = "invisible";

TextField2.presence = "invisible";

TextField3.presence = "invisible";


if (this.rawValue == "item3"){

TextField2.rawValue = "visible";

} else {

....add code to make all other fields invisible