Dynamic table needs to break to 2nd page





Still consider myself clueless when it comes to dynamic properties in a form.

I have a user interface that collects and stores data for some of our business accounts. A chunk of these fields are free-form text boxes.

I need the ability to simply, neatly display all information saved or entered in the user interface.

I'm working with LiveCycle and am required to have a standard header/footer on each page that consists of fields that will also populate with data from the user interface.

What I've tried is to set up the fields as a table. I have the ability to extend the field according to the amount of text entered, but have problems when the field should break to the next page.

I've allowed multiple lines for the text boxes, and set the table row to "expand to fit". Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get the system to accept or have available the setting Allow Page Breaks with Content.

When there is enough text to cause the field to break over a field, it simply takes the entire section to the next page.

Any help or suggestions would be welcomed.






Input fields cannot be broken across pages in version 8.x and before.

That is why it is trying to keep the whole field together on a single page.