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Dynamic Signature Boxes


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We have an XML message with a varying number of customers that will need to sign a document.<br /><br />We need to place the name from the XML under the signature box and allow them to sign via a signature pad.<br /><br />We're struggling with the fact that we don't know how many signatures will be required until we read the XML, and how we can make the form dynamic in that regard.<br /><br />Is it possible to script something that reads the customer records and creates / displays a signature box for each at that time? Or do we need to have a pool of signature boxes (or subforms of some sort) to pull from and display based on the data?<br /><br />An example of what we might see is this:<br /> <Customer Name>Bob Smith</Customer Name><br /> <Customer Role>Primary Applicant</Customer Role><br /> <Customer Name>Betty Smith</Customer Name><br /> <Customer Role>Co-Applicant</Customer Role><br /> ...<br /> ...<br /><br />We've not been able to solve this - any direction on this would be appreciated.<br /><br />We are using LiveCycle Designer 8.2.<br /><br />Thanks!
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A signature cannot be part of the dynamic subform. So you could modify the line after the signature but you cannot dynamically create a signature field.

Can you have a separate signature page with a number of signatures on it where you could hide and show the subform as neccessary. This would limit you to a specific number of signatures that could fit on a page, but you would be able to read the XML and show the correct number of signatures then modify the Text following the signature field. Is this acceptable?