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Dynamic Drop-Down using XML - no data seen


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I am trying to create a dynamically populated drop-down field that would be populated with entries in an XML file (created from Access). I can get it to show the entries in preview mode, but not when viewed as a dynamic PDF file from Acrobat.

I have tried following the instructions on this help page:

Using LiveCycle Designer > Working with Data Sources > Connecting to a data source > To create a data connection to an XML schema and XML data file

I have tried binding the drop-down object to the schema and alternatively to the sample XML data file. I have also Data Default to the XML data file in the Form Properties menu.

As said earlier, it appears to work in preview mode only. When I then save the form using Acrobat 8 Dynamic XML Form (PDF) and open this file via Acrobat, the drop-down field shows blank. The data items that used to work in the preview mode are no longer there.

I can't seem to find any examples to learn from. I've looked at several books and they do not cover this topic.

Thank you for your help.
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I'm having the exact same problem. I can't see the XML data in the drop-down in either Acrobat or Reader but it displays in LifeCycle Designer.

How can I show the XML data in Acrobat and Reader? some one must surely have solved this problem.




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I do not think Reader can establish a data connection to a data base in Acrobat Forms and using LiveCycle Designer to design a form does not provided access to functions not available through Acrobat. Also Extended Rights in Acrobat Professional can not provide data base connectivity. But if you want to purchase a server base product it is possible.

It might be possible to use SOAP to pass the queries in XML to a remote server and get the return from the remote server in XML.

Here is a link to an experts answer:



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I have the exact same problem  I have bound a drop-down to an XML file and the form previews perfectly in LiveCycle.  However when the PDF is viewed in Reader the drop-down is empty.

I can not find anywhere in the doco that says that this is not possible and AFAI can see this should work.