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Don't print empty fields...?


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I need a little help... I am creating a User Request Form and i would

like the form to print only with the fields/boxes that are checked or

filled. I am not too experienced with scripts so i was looking for some

advice and or where i could find out how to accomplish this. Many

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You will have to get a list of all objects on the form, test then one by one to make sure you have a field, see if the field is empty and if so then set it to be Visible (screen only).

This script is not trivial for a non-programmer. If you want to try it here is the basis for creating a script object that will allow you to get all fields and set the relevant property to -print so that it will be excluded from the print. This is a function meant to go into a scripting object. To call the scripting object use:



Function: NoPrintEmptyFields

Description: This function will set all empty fieldsso that they will not print.

IN: The parent subform. It could also be an element that contains subform like form1

OUT : nothing


function NoPrintEmptyFields(myParentObject){

var allChildElements;

var intNumElements;

var currentElement;

var j;

//Get all the child nodes of the parent element

allChildElements = myParentObject.nodes;

//Total number of element in the object

intNumElements = allChildElements.length;

//Loop through all the child elements

for(j=0; j< intNumElements;j++){

currentElement = allChildElements.item(j);

//If the element is another subform we'll recusively call the function again

if(allChildElements.item(j).className == "subform"){



//If the objects are fields and they are empty then we will set the relevant property to -print

else if((currentElement.className == "field") && (currentElement.rawValue == null)){

currentElement.relevant = "-print";


//Check for exclusion groups - Radio Buttons

else if(currentElement.className == "exclGroup"){

for(k=0; k< currentElement.nodes.length;k++){

if(currentElement.nodes.item(k).className == "field"){

//set the relevant property for the radio buttons individually

currentElement.relevant = "-print";





}//end function