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Does Adobe Reader 8 support hostContainer?


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Hi there!

I designed a form using LiveCycle Designer 8 and save it as a PDF.

I access the PDF through a html page.

The PDF worked all right if i using Acrobat pro 8,but when i using the PDF with Adobe Reader 8 it seemed that hostContainer can not work.

In the "docReady" event i call the following function:

function RegisterMessageHandler() {

event.target.hostContainer.messageHandler = {


onMessage: function(message)




onError: function(error, message)


alert('PDF messageHandler onError: ' + error + ' ' + message);


onDisclose: function(cURL, cDocumentURL) { return true; }



And in the click event of a button i call this sentence:


app.alert( "No hostContainer obj" );




I don't know why Reader failed.

May be there is difference between Acrobat pro and Reader or the form need LiveCycle Extensions.

Can someone give me some idea?
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