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Displaying Text When Button Pushed


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I am preparing a form in Designer with multiple check-boxes. The instructions for each check-box are so detailed that even an experienced user will occasionally want to review the detailed parameters. I would like to place a button next to each check-box which, when pushed, displays pdf or typed text of the relevant portion of the instructions (i.e. - every button would display a different pdf/text). Can this be done with a limited amount of scripting? Also, can the pdf/text be "embedded" into the form?
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We had a similar requirement for one of our forms. What we did was to create a multi line text field called additional_guidance.

Then in the mouseEnter event of each field we had the following Formcalc:

additional_guidance = "This is further information about this checkbox"

On the mouseExit event we had:

additional_guidance = null

Alternatively, you could set up the root container as a flowed content. Then the checkboxes would be in a positioned content subform and subsequent fields in another positioned subform. In between these you would have a hidden invisible flowed subform which contains the notes in a text field or static text. This would appear or be hidden depending on mouseEnter events or click events on buttons.

If you need to provide alot of detailed information in a formatted layout, then you could set up a page for each checkbox (or one page for all of the checkboxes) at the end of your form (e.g. called checkbox1_notes). You would set the presence to hidden. Then your button next to checkBox1 would have javascript like this in the click event:

checkbox1_notes.presence = "visible";

xfa.host.currentPage = xfa.host.numPages - 1;

Remember to put a hide button on this help page with the folloeing javascript in the click event:

checkbox1_notes. presence = "hidden";

xfa.host.setFocus(xfa.form.form1.p1.checkbox1); //this would be the full reference for your object

Good luck,



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Outstanding response. Thank you very much.