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Display pattern of numeric field in adobe reader ver 8 and 9.


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I have added a text field to my form and have set the following properties:

Type: Numeric field

Limit length to visible area: checked (so that it accepts upto 9 digits)

display pattern: zzz9

data pattern: zzz9

data format: Integer

When I type "123456789" in the field, adobe reader version 7 and 9 are adding commas to the number and are displaying it as "123,456,789" while adobe reader 8 displays it the way i want "123456789"

Appreciate if someone can quickly provide some guidance here.
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The issue is that the pattern that you are applying from the field cannot be applied to your input so the default pattern for numeric fields is being applied (hence the 123,456,789). If you make sure that your numeric field is set for integer (Binding tab/Data Format). Then set the display pattern to num{zzzzzzzz9}. It will work.

The default pattern is held in the XDP template. It is created based on your locale. If you click on the XML Source tab (between Preview and Master Pages - if it is not visible then you can make it visible on the View/XML Source menu)then do a serach ctrl-F for numberPattern you will see where it is defined in the template. If you modify this one then it will only be applied for this form. Any new forms will revert back to the old pattern.


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Modified the numberPattern in xml source from 'z,zzz9.zzz' to 'zzzz9zzzz9' and it works great. Thanks a lot.