Developer can't login to server through Workbench ES?



Hello all,

Not sure if I'm just missing something right in front of me or what exactly...

Using Workbench ES 8.2 - logging into ES 8.2, I'm unable to get 2 of 3 developers logged in.

Administrator account and one of the developers' login work correctly. The other two, however; I get the following error in the server.log file:

2009-01-09 09:15:29,421 WARN [com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication.AuthenticationManagerBean] UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: 4385662] Authentication failed for user [USERNAME1] (Error code - 12803 [0x3203]) as none of the AuthProviders can authenticatethe user. Refer to debug level logs of category com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception for more details.

Any ideas on how to resolve? Checked roles assigned with the user, and they do have 'Super Administrator' rights.