Customizing Hyperlink Window




Addition of basic capability to create hyperlinked text in the latest LC ES is helpful. However, when a PDF form is embedded in another project, I've found that hyperlinked-web pages and additional PDF's, summoned by the user create an issue: since these are not summoned in these app's as separate pages (_blank), once the user finishes, they can't navigate back to the original PDF form in Reader. The only recourse is to right-click in the surrounding black space around the Reader and use "refresh" to reset the view to the original PDF form. Some app's also have a functioning "back" choice in that right-click menu, though in one case it was grayed out, not available.

The solution would be to "force" a separate window (_blank) to display these pages summoned by hyperlink so the user could close them leaving the original form PDF underneath.

I looked for any way to JavaScript the hyperlink (for text) and separate window without success.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,