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Let me know, if already available, the price structure for
the hosted services.


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Hi Renzo - Cocomo is currently in public beta and available
for free with generous usage limits. We currently don't have a
pricing plan to share with you but please frequently visit the Labs
Fourms for new announcements. Alternatively you can subscribe to
the Cocomo forums RSS feed to stay in touch.

On a related note, we would be interested in understanding
the type of application you are planning to build leveraging Cocomo
along with target customers and timeline to launch your product
offering. Let me know if you are available to talk further.

Thank you,



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Hello Varun, thanks for your reply. We have a training
management system specifically designed for pharmaceutical plants
that lacks features that Cocomo can cover: virtual classroom, chat,

We see a couple possibilities for solving the problem:

1) create integration with the most used softwares for web
conferencing (Adobe Connect, MS Live Meeting, etc.)

Pros: simple to develop - Cons: two different applications
(double log-in, different skin, etc.)

2) create internal functions in our product for such features
using Cocomo

Pros: a unique application - Cons: the client could have
already a solution for web conferencing and could be reluctant to
adopt a second product for similar needs

The second choice needs a server infrastructure that can be
provided by Adobe or ?

Is there an alternative, for example a Flash Media Server
installed on client's infrastructure?

We plan to release the next version of our product,
significantly based on Flex, during the first half of next year.




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Hi Renzo - Thanks for your detailed response! I'd like to
highlight that Cocomo doesn't support "screen sharing." The screen
sharing use-case is unique and if that is what you are really
interested in then our suggestion would be to leverage one of
Adobe's existing web conferencing / virtual classroom offerings
(E.g., Acrobat Connect Pro - available both as on-premise server or
hosted by Adobe or MSP; and Acrobat Connect, which is available as
a Adobe hosted service only.)

Cocomo really shines in "In-Context" collaboration use-cases
where there is a need to embed real-time collaboration components
(E.g., chat, VoIP, Webcam video, whiteboarding, Co-browsing) into
an application in a way that they appear native to the application
thereby providing a seamless user experience. This is akin to your
#2 scenario.

Another option for you to consider is to leverage Cocomo in
your training management system for most of the In-Context
collaboration features and leverage Adobe's web conferencing
applications for screen sharing. We recognize that this may be less
than ideal but it allows you to leverage best of both worlds.

Should you have further questions please feel free to reach
us at cocomo@adobe.com.