Convert Fragments




Hi all,

I have just a question about my following problem. We use an older Version of a LiveCycle Server (7.2), that doesn't support fragments. But we develop eforms with fragments, just because they are great :).

So now the problem, is there a way that the fragments could be automatically included as object instead of clicking my mouse dead??

At the same time, i would like to know if there is a posbillity to convert xdp to pdf automatically, perhaps with a batch??

greetz Marco





The only way you could get the fragment into version 7 is if you embed the fragment rather than reference it (of course this technique will make the fragment useless as it is no longer a fragment).

Converting XDP to PDF can be done using Livecycle Forms ( aserver based product). It will do the conversion on demand as well as via batch if you so choose. It can be controlled by a program or an orchestration can be written to do it.

There is no batching facility in Designer to accomplish this.