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Connecting and sending data to web service


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I have to implement the functionality in PDF document to connect with the web service and send the form data in xml format on Click event of a button inside the form.

During the initial development and testing I have found that document can only connect with the Web Service from within LiveCycle Designer or Adobe Pro. It doesn't work with the Reader.

After surfing the internet I have come to know that Reader extensions are required along with Adobe Reader to communicate with the web services. Am I right?

Furthermore, what I have to do is to distribute the PDF form to a number of people who will fill the form and submit the form data by clicking the Submit button (which will internally communicate with the web service to send data) on the form. So if extensions are required to communicate with web services from Reader, then what I am assuming is that all those people must have extensions installed on their machines along with Reader.

On some forum I have also read that you only need to install the Extensions on the Designer machine and they are not compulsory to be on every client machine. i.e. Exntesions enable the web services communication features in the PDF form during design time. Is it true?

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Be careful, your question should be posted in "LiveCycle Reader Extensions" forum. LiveCycle Data Services doesn't deal with these features.

Nevertheless, to use webService calls from a PDF opened in the free Adobe Reader, you need to Reader extend your form.

You can use Acrobat Pro to extend it if the PDF will not be used by more than 500 people.

If you plan to reach more than 500 people, then you must consider LiveCycle Reader Extensions. This limitation is explained in the Acrobat EULA.

The final users only need the Adobe Reader, they won't have to install any extension or plug-in.