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Configuration problem with Livecycle ES Update1, xfasubset.js


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Hi all

Evaluating and testing the Livecycle ES Update1 to see if our solutions of today will work or not. We are mostly working with html forms and our current environment is as old as Livecycle Forms 7.0.1 so it's about time to upgrade. We are hoping for major improvements in html rendering, or at least as much improvements that it will be worth staying with the Adobe Livecycle solution. However, we haven't been able to get a fully functional environment yet.

Here is some further information:

Using Websphere as application server. Running Livecycle ES and Livecycle Workbench ES on a virtual machine (shouldn't make any difference). Wants to evaluate forms through FormsIVS before we go further in our decisioning.

When uploading a form through FormsIVS GUI, the form is rendered "correctly" but all invisible forms and fields are suddenly visible. There is no difference from the forms rendered in our current environment which works fine. On the first attempt, it could also be noted that even the simplest script was malfunctioning. The second attempt, after copying xfasubset.js to same folder as the forms, rendering seemed to improve a bit but failed when the form for some reason tried to connect back to the Livecycle. This happened after initialization in xfasubset. The error message is like: IE cannot open the internet site http://vmlivecyclees:9080/FormsIVS/GetFormServlet?clientType=1&actionType=&dataName=None&formName=In....

Why I say that it seemed to improve is that it actually starts to debug in xfasubset.js, which is a nice start to see what actually happens.

Most likely there are some parameters in the Livecycle Forms configuration that are configured the wrong way or not at all for the moment, but which ones and what would be the right configuration? If anybody knows, please let me know and save me some "trial-and-error" time.

Edit: It seems like things are working a bit better if I run locally on the server and that the problems are a bit related to which form I run. Except for the strange fact that some forms behave a bit strange when accessing it from a different machine, the biggest issue now seems to be why the invisible parts of the form aren't invisible after rendering with ES, but that question might be better suited in Designer forum. However, if anyone has any tips regarding any of my issues, please let me know.
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