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Concat Problems


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I am trying to combine input from two text fields into a third field.

When I select the third field, I set it as "calculate" and then in the script line I choose FormCalc and then type in the following

TextField11 = Concat(ProjectNum, CPNumber)

FYI: all three fields are set as text fields, despite the fact I have called them numbers)

When I run the form I receive the message

...Error: accessor 'ProjectNum' is unknown.

How do I join ProjectNum to CPNumber to get a third field called TextField11?
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Try the following code:

TextField11.rawValue = Concat(ProjectNum.rawValue, CPNumber.rawValue)

Remember to save as dynamic form.

You can also use javascript:

TextField11.rawValue = ProjectNum.rawValue + CPNumber.rawValue

I think the javascript method is more flexible. Avoid using Formcalc when you can.I hope this helps you.


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Note that your form does not have to be dynamic to add two fields together.
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