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Compliler not working


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I have a flex project, in the project there is a src/model
folder where my actionscript classes reside.

I have about 10 classes they are very simple, all they have
is public variables, no methods or inheritance. The problem is the
compiler only seems to take notice of one of the classes, in all
the others I can write code that should fail compilation but it
does not. However one of the classes (I think it was the first one
I wrote) is picked up by the compiler so that when there is bad
code is written it is flagged.

I have experienced this issue with other projects as well and
so have a couple of my colleagues. It normally fixes itself over
time, but it does cause a big block on development. Has anyone else
experienced the same problem and does anyone know if there is a

I am using flex 3.0.1


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Sorry this is in the wrong forum....Can it be moved?


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Found solution.

This is 'by design' ActionScript classes are ignored by the
compiler until there are explicitly used elsewhere in the