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comparing strings


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I have a string field on the form. The field is for a three letter code, depending on this code the form will go into one of three queues for approval. I have set up three assign tasks activity and a decision activity.

I have configured three routes from the decision point, one into each one of the assign activities. The routes have been put in order, however i have a problem with setting up the codes.

Here is what I have tried. For the same of example lets use the code ABC.

1. I created a process variable called CODE (string) and added a set value to the xpath expression. Based on the variable logger, it looks like the value is assigned.

2. In xpath I tried to compare the xpath to the data value (field on the form) to ABC (e.x /process_data...../code = ABC)

3. Tried to run all values through string function (i.e. string(/process_data.../code and string(ABC).

Tried all of the above any which way and it still does not take any route. What is the best way to compare two strings?
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can someone point me in the right direction on this?