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Combining documents


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Hello all!

I have six documents that I want to combine to be a single interactive PDF. At present, when you click certain radio buttons, the associated PDF file opens up, in a new document. I would like it to be that when the user clicks the radio buttons, the page shows up in the same document. I've been copying the subforms from the supplementary documents into new subforms in the main document, but the file is too big now. It's about 4.3MB, but when you open it as a PDF it's only 67 pages, and crashes LiveCycle every time I try to save.

I've gotten this to work using some code and the Visible/Hidden Presence settings in other documents, but having created all the forms in the same original document. That file is 1.9MB with 116 pages, not including the ones that are hidden upon opening.


I tried copying and pasting the XML from the supplementary documents into the XML Source tab for the main document, but simply doing that does not seem to work. I've also never worked with XML before, but would be willing to play around with it.

Thanks in advance!

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What version of Designer are you using, and are there images in your content?



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I'm working in Designer ES 8.2 and there are no images.


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I did a little poking around with XML and figured it out. If anyone encounters this problem in the future, message me and I'll see what I can do to help.

Tip: If I don't seem to know what you're talking about, tell me it was the KSADS document I was working on


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I'd be interested in your solution. I'm having difficulty combining forms and almost resolved to begin creating new subreports from scratch....many many many pages requested.