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Cocomo Bridges


Level 2
I was wondering if there were any plans/considerations for
providing server-side bridges into other IM and VOIP
infrastructure(s). I can see plenty of value to this, both hosted
an on-premise. A WHOLE lot of value, actually, particularly when
combined with the UI you're building.

Use cases would be being able to contact/collaborate with a
person via multiple channels, depending on their current "state".
For example, I might not be able to do a voice/cam session, but
might be able to do a VOIP call to his/her mobile phone #. Or, I
might want to do a chat, but they'd be doing so via SMS, another IM
client, etc.

Microsoft (with UC) seems to be doing some things for the
voice side, but not anything that I'm aware of for the IM bridging
and SMS.
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We are working on a server-side Cocomo client (currently we
have a prototype for a Java client) that can be used either to
control your Cocomo application via your application server (adding
validation, filtering messages, injecting messages) but could
easily be used to provide a "data bridge" (for example in your case
you could have your IM server sending chat messages to a cocomo

Again, currently we are in a prototype stage without a real
delivery date, mainly because we are a small team with a bunch of
other stuff to do that end up being higher in priority, but we are
planning to add this to our bag of tricks :)

VOIP is a little trickier but potentially you could use the
same mechanism to stream voice in an out Cocomo.


Level 1
Why not create server-side Cocomo client as flash player file
(swf) that can run on server?

Server side flash player, revolution on the web.