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Cocomo and Adobe LCDS/BlazeDS


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In order to be able to classify Cocomo, I would like to know:
How does it relate to Adobe LCDS/BlazeDS ? Does it leverage parts
of those products ? How does it compare in terms of functionality
and performance ?

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Hi VerlSnake,

Both LCDS and Cocomo leverage RTMP, the bidirectional
persistent socket protocol used in the Flash Player (it's worth
noting that LCDS also supports HTTP "near-real-time" data push as
well). Other than this overlap in data push, I'd say Cocomo targets
a few unique cases that LCDS does not, and obviously vice-versa.

:: Cocomo supports audio/video communications (via hub and
spoke streaming as well as direct client-to-client streaming).

:: Cocomo really focuses its design center around the social
aspects of multi-user applications. We firmly believe that data
push is an important element in multi-user apps, but it's only the
first element - Cocomo focuses on multi-user workflow, dynamic
roles and permissions, client-to-cilent messaging, and the sharing
of the "UI Surface" of an application - think of it as "user to
user" synchronization.

:: I'm not on the LCDS team, so I'm not speaking with
authority here, but LCDS provides rich connectivity to back-end
systems, including data synchronization to and from DataBases,
pagination, large dataset management, and server-based messaging.
Cocomo provides none of this.

So I think while there is a technology overlap, I think
there's a real difference in design focus. Also mix in the fact
that one is exclusively a hosted offering at this time, and there
are some pretty distinct cases for when you would use one or the
other - as well as some great cases for mixing and matching


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Hi Nigel !

Thank You very much for Your detailed, excellent answers 🙂

The conclusion for my own efforts is: Should I go with
Flash/Flex on the client-side, the couple Cocomo/LCDS could deliver
much of what I need already out of the box; of course, examples for
how to mix and match Cocomo and LCDS would be great, too.