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Cant Get Web Service to work - help please


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Hi there, I have a very simply web service accessible using
the following URL;

It seems to be working OK, but when I try to get it to work
in Flex nothing seems to happen. I dont even know where the problem
is. below is the code snippet of what I am going. Any help would be

Even if you could suggest where I might start to get errors,
I tried the property fault in the web service but it did not seem
to show anything.

thanks in advance Darragh

<mx:WebService wsdl=""

useProxy="false" id="signin_ws" showBusyCursor="true"

<mx:operation name="getAllEmployeesTable">



<mx:DataGrid x="179" y="58"


<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Surname"



<mx:Button x="328" y="244" label="Call Web Service"

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Hi Darragh, I think your problem is with your wsdl. the url
you provided as your wsdl does not work.

Also, are you trying to send parameters through your call?
There's a slightly outdated (but still relevant) article on
formatting your .mxml to use the web service here: