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Cannot login to AdminUI


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I cannot login to Adminui when I click login nothing happens its as if the button redirects me to the same page, can anyone answer why? LiveCycle 8.2 Webpshere ND clustered enviroment, MS SQL 2005, Windows 2003 enterprise sp2.

I have run configuration manager numerous times to no avail.

Please help???
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What credentials are you using to login?

Username ?

Password ?

By default, it is Administrator/password.

Another cause might be that you have not bootstrapped the database tables yet. WebSphere's SystemOut.log will tell you what is going on.


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Hi Jayan

Thank you for the reply.

I am using the default username and password - Administrator/password.

I have bootstrapped the db twice. I have checked the logs for the cluster member that ES is deployed to and no errors or info logs have been traced?? The only thing I can think of is that I already had the tables in the database from a previous install of the same product earlier durning the week could that be the cause?

Thanks again.



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I had issues leaving the tables in the database. I dropped all the tables in the database, then initialized through configuration manager, and that did solve some LC ES issues I was experiencing.