Can this be done? Emailing a completed form without emailing.



When using a standard html form, a user can fill in the required fields, press post, and abracadabra, the results of the form are emailed to the specified account and the user is redirected to a page that says your form has been submitted.

Can this be done using a .pdf? The email button is simply retarded. Why do users have to go through the hassle of having their email client opened just to submit the form they just completed? There probably isn't any other way, but would be nice if there was.

Is it possible to create a submit button that will automatically email the completed .pdf form to a pre-specified email address and then redirect the user to a "thank you" page? I don't want to annoy my customers by forcing them to email me the form. I just want it sent when they click "submit."

Is this even possible? If so, is it relatively easy?

Any help is greatly appreciated!









>Can this be done using a .pdf?

Sure. The principle is exactly the same: you submit data to a script

which runs on a web server. You are limited only by what the

programmer has made the script do. Don't be under any impression that

it is "magic": if you have a web form which submits and then you get

an e-mail it's because there is a script on a web server that a web

programmer wrote to make it happen.

> The email button is simply retarded.

I prefer to think of it as a handy tool for testing, but nothing

anyone would use for the real solution.

>Why do users have to go through the hassle of having their email client ...

They don't. Did you know that you can "submit" an HTML form to e-mail?

But nobody does, because it just isn't a good way of working. Everyone

expects an HTML form to submit to a web script, but for some reason

hopes they can use direct e-mail of PDF forms.

Aandi Inston



I'm glad to know it's possible, thank you! Unfortunately I'm no programmer. I'll guess I'll start searching for scripts!

If you have any quick suggestions on where to start with this, that would be great!

Thanks again for your help!