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Button text change the messagebox


Level 2

Hello good day

I could help with the following questions regarding the programming of LiveCycle ES , the problem I have is to create a way and that way I put a messagebox with JavaScript programming, but the buttons is the text of yes / no  I could help to tell me how you change the text of the I customize those buttons. I need change de text of de buttons  I want customize de button

I use the following code

xfa.host.messageBox("¿Es renta variable o renta fija ? Elija SI para renta variable, Elija NO para renta fija","Advertencia!!!",2,2); , buy yhe buttons text is yes/no ,  I want personalize text of the buttons

*I will really appreciate your support with the doubt I have.


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Level 10

You can create a custom dialog using app.execDialog() method. Would you prefer that idea?



Level 4

The built in popup boxes in Acrobat JavaScript cannot be modified.  A custom dialog is the only way you'll be able to create the custom button you'd like.

Take a look at this article:


And at this Acrobat plug-in for creating custom dialogs:



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The Acrobat JavaScript Reference, Use it Early and Often

Then most important JavaScript Development tool in Acrobat
The Console Window (Video tutorial)
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