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Button desabled once pdf was saved


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First of all, I'm trying to be understable 'cause I'm french and my english isn't so good.

I've made a form with Designer.

In this form, all textFields are "readOnly".

When users click on a button, there is a window which ask a password.

If password is OK, all the textField become "open".

But if users (with reader and extended feeater allowed) or me on Acrobat Pro "save as" the document; the boutton is desabled on the saved document. Nothing happend when I click on the button.

So my form is unusable

Someone can help me ??

Thanks a lot

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Sounds like there is code running behind that button. Where did you get the form? I assume that you did not build it. It would be impossible to determine what the author of the doc had in mind without looking at that code.


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I'm the author of the form.

I put a javascript code on the button and created a hidden textField.

THis textField contain a "0" in initialize.

When users enter the right password, this value is changed in "1"

Then all textfield are "open".

Am I clear ? My english is so bad ...


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----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.print::click: - (JavaScript, Client) ------------------------------------

xfa.host.print(1, "0", (xfa.host.numPages -1).toString(), 0, 1, 0, 0, 0);

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.date::initialize: - (JavaScript, Client) --------------------------------

formulaire1.p1.Page1.date.access = "readOnly"

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.date::exit: - (JavaScript, Client) --------------------------------------

formulaire1.p1.Page2.date.rawValue = formulaire1.p1.Page1.date.rawValue

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.ref::initialize: - (FormCalc, Client) -----------------------------------

formulaire1.p1.Page1.ref.access = "readOnly"

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.ref::exit: - (FormCalc, Client) -----------------------------------------

formulaire1.p1.Page2.ref.rawValue = formulaire1.p1.Page1.ref.rawValue

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.eff::initialize: - (FormCalc, Client) -----------------------------------

formulaire1.p1.Page1.eff.presence = "hidden"

----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.eff::click: - (JavaScript, Client) --------------------------------------


----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.auth::initialize: - (JavaScript, Client) --------------------------------


----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.Bouton1::click: - (JavaScript, Client) ----------------------------------

if (formulaire1.p1.Page1.auth.rawValue != "1") {

var passw=xfa.host.response("Pour modifier le document, veuillez introduire le mot de passe","", "",1);

if (passw=="a"){


formulaire1.titre.fonct.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf1.txt1.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf2.txt2.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf3.txt3.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf41.sf411.txt411.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf41.sf412.txt412.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf41.sf413.txt413.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf42.txt43.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf43.sf431.txt431.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf43.sf432.txt432.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf44.sf441.txt441.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf44.sf442.txt442.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf44.sf443.txt443.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf45.txt45.access = "open";

formulaire1.form.sf4.sf46.txt46.access = "open";

formulaire1.p1.Page1.ref.access = "open";

formulaire1.p1.Page1.date.access = "open";

formulaire1.p1.Page2.ref.access = "open";

formulaire1.p1.Page2.date.access = "open";

formulaire1.p1.Page1.eff.presence = "visible" ;

formulaire1.p1.Page1.eff.relevant = " -print";

formulaire1.p1.Page2.eff.presence = "visible" ;

formulaire1.p1.Page2.eff.relevant = " -print";



----- formulaire1.p1.Page1.nump::ready:layout - (JavaScript, Client) -------------------------------

this.rawValue = xfa.layout.page(this)


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This is difficult to do without seeing the form. Can you send it to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look.