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Bookmarks in LiveCycle?


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LiveCycle related support documents seem to indicate that you can create Acrobat bookmarks in the LiveCycle Designer.

See http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/AcroJS_DesignerJS.pdf, page 14, part of which is shown below.


2 Using Acrobat JavaScript in LiveCycle Designer Forms

This chapter explains why the Acrobat object model is restricted, and what you need to do to prepare Acrobat JavaScript for use in an XML form.

Using Acrobat JavaScript in a LiveCycle Designer Form

A large amount of Acrobat JavaScript can be used in a LiveCycle Designer form, as long as it doesnt try to change the content or structure of the form. See Acrobat JavaScript not supported in LiveCycle Designer forms on page 17 for a quick overview of the types of Acrobat JavaScript expressions which should not be used in a LiveCycle Designer form.

Acrobat JavaScript allows you to handle a variety of tasks beyond the basic form description and contents. For example, some of the functions you can perform using Acrobat JavaScript in a LiveCycle Designer form


? Adding annotations to a PDF document

? Utilizing Acrobats search facility

? Adding attachments to a PDF document

? Creating PDF-based reports with the Acrobat Report object

? Utilizing Acrobats rich multimedia support

? Creating bookmarks or other navigational aids

? Accessing or updating document metadata

? Supporting collaboration, review, and markup with the Collab object


This specifically says that you can create bookmarks. My question is has anyone successfully done this? I can't seem to do it.
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