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BlazeDs General Messaging Error


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hey to all,

I am trying to call a method from server side; that I wrote
in Java and deployed to tomcat via BlazeSpringFactory.

When I call that method from flex i get this error:

BlazeDS][ERROR] [Message.General] Error handling message:
flex.messaging.MessageException: Cannot invoke method
'getAssetDevices'. Method 'getAssetDevices' not found.

incomingMessage: Flex Message

operation = getAssetDevices

clientId = D57B6468-1108-8A53-A9DA-E81FBFC9AAB1

destination = NousfluxService

messageId = 4A7FEC2B-0F48-A8B6-FEBC-31DA4F153758

timestamp = 1220607102936

timeToLive = 0

body = null

hdr(DSId) = D57B6382-930B-05E6-5ED3-207959DD7E53

hdr(DSEndpoint) = my-amf

errorReply: Flex Message

clientId = D57B6468-1108-8A53-A9DA-E81FBFC9AAB1

correlationId = 4A7FEC2B-0F48-A8B6-FEBC-31DA4F153758

destination = NousfluxService

messageId = D5B5FCF3-3A0B-C271-13B3-1C122AE53D05

timestamp = 1220607102938

timeToLive = 0

body = null

code = Server.ResourceUnavailable

message = Cannot invoke method 'getAssetDevices'.

details = Method 'getAssetDevices' not found.

rootCause = null

body = null

extendedData = null

however, I have already called other methods from my service,
NousfluxService; and they r working well.

what is the problem with this method , 'getAssetDevices' ?

please help
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check if the parameters are correctly for getAssetDevices

if you send a string into getAssetDevices, and your function
declaration of getAssetDevices is set as a integer then it might

public void getAssetDevices(int value) {



and from AS you call it like this:

remoteObject. getAssetDevices("10"); it might fail.

it's hard to diagnose this with little information....