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binding two text fields


Level 2

Im trying to play with some of the scripting in LiveCycle

Designer and I am needing to know how to bind text fields.

If a user types anything thing into Textfield A, then TextFieldB will be populated with whatever is in Textfield A

Textfield B is read only, but it should be populated with whatever is in textfield A.

I tried playing around with the change even of textfield A to populate textfield B but im not doing something right with the script.


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Level 7

No problem, give both fields the same name and set the data binding to "Global" or "Use global data" depending on your version of designer under Object >> Binding.


Level 10

You can keep both the fields with the same name and change the Binding to Global.

this way you can have the same value in both the fields with out any scripting.