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Binary Input to Lifecycle


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I want to send a PDF to Lifecycle ES via a JavaScript-function inside this PDF (initiated by a button in PDF). This js-function calls a Lifecycle service via WebService. The following methods deliver the byte-code of the current PDF:

var v_documentStream = Collab.documentToStream(event.target);

var v_encodedStream = SOAP.streamEncode(v_documentStream, "base64");

1. The problem is that in Lifecycle ES I only get a Stream with the length of 3 instead of 500.000 My chosen data type for the lifecycle-input-variable is "binary" I'm not sure if that is correct? And on PDF-Site I make the service-call in Document-literal Request-Style.

2. Perhaps it is a problem of encoding (document literal/rpc encoded)? So I tried to call Lifecycle ES via rpc encoded request, but I think that Lifecycle isn't able to handle rpc encoded calls by default, is that correct? Is it possible to enable lifecycle for RPC encoded requests?

Many thanks in advance!
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I do not believe that you are getting the whole PDF in that call. You are only getting the commenting layer. AFAIK there is no way to get the whole PDF from inside of a PDF using javascript.