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Basic user needs help with adding duplicate pages if necessary


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I am a basic user, who is currently trialing the adobe acrobat and Livecycle Design programs...

I am practising the preparation of a report which could have an individuals personal details in "page 1" and the report in pages 2-8 for example...

If I wanted to include, lets say, 5 individuals on the same report, is there a way in which I can have a drop down box, which could ask "how many individuals are in this report" and I could select "5" from a drop down box, causing adobe to add additional pages and duplicate page 1 five times.

Or, at the end of page 1, could I have a tick box or any other type of button which could state "If you have another individual, please "tick box/add/etc". Also adding a new page with the blank page 1 format.

At the moment, I have added blank copies of page 1 at the end of the report. The option described would stop me having to print every report I completed with several blank copies of "page 1" when they may not be required.

It also prevents me from completing the report then printing it, reseting the form and printing page 1 for each individual (5 times in my example)

Hope that made sense...

The end user will be using Adobe Reader Only.
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