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Autosaving to drafts folder


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Hi all, not sure if this should be in this forum or workspace but i was just wondering if there was a feature to automatically save a form periodically into the drafts folder (to avoid losing work if the session times out, or power loss, etc). I'm hoping theres a simple setting to get this functionality.

But in case there isn't what i was thinking to do (and please correct my logic if needed) was to create a custom component that would be exposed through a webservice that would be able to move/copy a task into the users draft queue. This service would be called periodically as the user progresses through the form (hopefully there is some type of timer event, worst comes to worst i'll call it when the user exits certain fields).

Now the issue is which api calls to use to move the task into the drafts queue. I have found TaskManager function changeQueueForTask() which takes the task id and the queue id. Now the question i have is how to get the id for the drafts queue? Or is this the wrong function call? Any help would be appreciated.

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The draft is not a queue. A queue is associated to a user but the draft is just a different state of the current task being assigned to the user.

If there is a solution, it would be more along the line of saving or updating the current task, rather than re-assigning it.

I'll do a bit more research to see if I can come up with something.



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Thanks Jasmin, I appreciate it. I thought it might be a queue because there seems to be a DraftQueue object, the documentation says "A DraftQueue object is used to save current tasks that are in the progress of completion" but doesn't really say how :P