Automatic fill up the text fields




Hi everyone!

I have the table with 3 columns - name&surname,birthday and the place of birthday.

Also I have drop-down list which is filled with items from name&surname column and 3 text fields which according as birthday and place of birthday columns.

So, when I will choose one item from drop-down list, I want that 3 text fields automatic will fill up with data from table.

I hope you understood me.

Thanks anyway!





It is simply a case of navigating the hierarchy of the Form structure to get to the object that you want. For example if I have a form and a page on the page we have a table with rows and in the row we have a field, you would use an expression something like this:

TargetField.rawValue = form1.Page1.Table1.row[instance number].fieldname.rawValue

where instancenumber is a 0 based index of the row that you want to extract.

Hope that helps