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AudioPublishing with Spark SDK Beta


Level 2

This is a sort of bug report.

When I attempt to do:

                                                  audioPub.connectSession = ConnectSession.primarySession;


The settings dialog will pop up and ask whether I will allow flash player to use the mic and camera.  After allowing it, I get a RTE saying that the stream does not exist.

I looked at the 10.3 source code and figured that the problem in question was probably related to the dialog itself interrupting the request.  I went into the global settings and changed the localhost setting from "prompt" to "always", so that the dialog wont' show up anymore.

After doing that, I don't get a RTE - (but I still haven't gotten the audio to work, for perhaps an unrelated reason)

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Level 2

To clarify it was this RTE:

     Error: Stream cannot be published as it doesnot exists



Does this problem happen only with the Spark SDK or also with the regular SDK ? (I suspect it happens all the time).

If you are using ConnectSession instead of ConnectSessionContainer you should move audioPub.publish() in a listener for ConnectSession SYNCHRONIZATION_CHANGE (i.e. you should start publish AFTER you are succesfully connected to the room).


Level 2

ah thanks, I'll give that a try

I haven't tried the regular SDK, but I figured the behavior was unintended given the workaround.