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Apply Script to multiple fields


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I have a form with multiple fields that will contribute to a total. Is there a way to have script apply to multiple fields that will auto update the totals, instead of scripting a separate exit event for each field.

Thank you
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Create a Script Object. In that object, you can have a function like this:

function addMyFields() // add values in the fields


var number1 = field1.rawValue;

var number2 = field2.rawValue; // and so on

var sumOp = number1 + number2; // + number3 + .... and so on

totalField.rawValue = sumOp; // display sum in total field


Paste the following code in the exit event of each field:


Let me know if it works for you.


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Or put your code on the Calculate event and as each field is changed the Total calculate event wil fire because there is a dependency between each field mentioned in the calc.