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Apply policy to large files


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Hello everyone,

i´m using LC Rightsmanagement to apply policies to pdf documents. It

works fine but applying a policy to a 120 MB file takes more than four

minutes. Here is some example code

>Properties connectionProps = new Properties();






>// Create a ServiceClientFactory instance

>ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

>// Specify the PDF document to encrypt with a password

>FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream("c:\\TMP\\large.pdf");

>Document inDoc = new Document(fileInputStream);

>RightsManagementClient c = new RightsManagementClient(myFactory);

>Document protected = c.getDocumentManager().applyPolicy(inDoc, "large", "Policy Set", "Policy", "Domain", "user");

>File myFile = new File("c:\\TMP\\large_protected.pdf");


The last statement "protected.copyToFile(myFile)" takes most time (up

to 4 minutes). Watching the network shows a lot of traffic, so i think

the protected content is streamed via network.

If i use acrobat pro to apply the policy it only needs a few seconds

till the jobs done, so i think that there must be a much faster way to

apply a policy to a document.

Does anyone know about this problem?


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How much memory does you JVM has?



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Does it take four minutes do execute the applyPolicy line or to execute the whole code?

I'm wondering how long it takes to execute the

new FileInputStream("c:\\TMP\\large.pdf");

or the new Document(fileInputStream);



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It takes about 4 1/2 Minutes to execute the whole code.

>.applyPolicy(inDoc, "large", "Policy Set", "Policy", "Domain", "user");

returns after 20 seonds.

The execution of "protected.copyToFile(myFile);" is the one with the highest costs. If i watch the file in explorer i can see it grow with a rate of ~ 400KB/second. Of course our network is much more performant and i would like to instruct lc server to send 4000KB/sec [or more :-)]. adobe livedocs pages (http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/es/sdkHelp/programmer/javadoc/) tell me to set system properties to tune performance. But


doesn´t have any effect.


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I did a test on my local server on a 130 meg file.

It takes 4 seconds to apply the policy and 22-24 seconds to write it to the file system and apply the policy.

What kind of machine (specification) are you using?



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LC runs in a jboss instance. Jboss itselfs runs on a virtual machine. i don't know if it is a windows or linux host. I did some profiling myself.