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AFCS Recording error


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Awaiting screenSharing and ScreenRecording Pods are available now

Thanks to Adobe.

I am trying to test Recording example which is their in new afcs sdk, it is throwing me the below error

RECORDING_FAILED: No Recording Storage URl is Set. Session will not be recorded

at com.adobe.rtc.session.managers::SessionManagerBase/receiveError()[F:\arjun\Projects 3.5\AFCSScreenShare\src\com\adobe\rtc\session\managers\SessionManagerBase.as:352]

at com.adobe.rtc.session.managers::SessionManagerFMS/receiveError()[F:\arjun\Projects 3.5\AFCSScreenShare\src\com\adobe\rtc\session\managers\SessionManagerFMS.as:308]

at com.adobe.rtc.session.managers::SessionManagerAdobeHostedServices/receiveError()[F:\arjun\Projects 3.5\AFCSScreenShare\src\com\adobe\rtc\session\managers\SessionManagerAdobeHostedServices.as:281]

All examples are working fine including screensharing but unfortunately recording is not working fine may be due to archiveID.

If this is really due to archiveID?how do i set archiveID? does any thing more to do to get recording path.

Thanks In advance

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You need to be a beta participant to have access to the LCCS Recording feature.

Please send an email to lccs(at)adobe.com with a short explanation about you application and how you'll be using the feature to apply to the Recording Beta program.

Thank you,