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Adobe Reader is Cacheing Data From OLEDB Connection


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I am trying to pre-populate a form from an oledb connection to an access database. I have an html page where a user can search an id. This id then gets written to a table where the sql query defined in the PDF form can grab it, join it with a table where the user info is stored, then display it.

My problem is that Adobe Reader seems to be caching data from the first SQL select query that is executed. When I change the id I am loading, I still get data from the first SQL query in Reader. If I open the PDF via Acrobat, the data loads up properly, and it doesn't seem to be cached. I have looked at the following forum for suggestions: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bc3549c, but their suggestions haven't worked.

I have tried turning off caching anywhere I can find it (i.e. in LiveCycle, Adobe Reader), but nothing is working. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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