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AcroForm and XFA with .net API


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I created a simple pdf with XFA form in Adobe Designer 7.0. After I filled the form with some .net API(such as ActivePdf), I found that the output pdf's field value only could display in Acrobat Reader 6.0. In Acrobat Reader 7.0, the field value can't be shown. What should i do?

I know that there is some difference between the AcroForm and XFA. But now in that pdf there is only XFA form. Why the field value can be shown in 6.0, not in 7.0?

Who can help me? Any answer will be appreciated.
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>. But now in that pdf there is only XFA form.

No, that is wrong. But you are right that there is a vital difference

between XFA and AcroForms.

1. XFA forms are the forms made by Acrobat Designer.

2. AcroForms are the older style of forms, still made by Acrobat

Professional 7's form tools.

3. Tools will be designed to work with XFA -or- AcroForms. If it

doesn't say which, it will surely be AcroForms.

4. You cannot mix and match from these two form worlds. It is all or


Aandi Inston