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How do you protect a form from being over-written when you do a save as ?

When you do a save as can you have Reader automatically generate a unique name for the form each time you fill it out ?

Can you run Professional in a batch mode and what functions can you do in batch?

Can you startup Professional in a C# program?
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When you do a SaveAs you are expected to enter in a different file name so you always have the original file that is not written over.

The name the Reader gives the file is based on the filename of the form that was opened. The user can override the filename but you cannot programmatically set it.

By Professional I assume you mean Acrobat. There is a Batch Processing Tool under the Advanced/Document Processing menu. I have not used it but if you read up about it in the documentation you can determine if this will do what you want.

There are SDKs available that you can automate Acrobat from other programs. The Acrobat dev/net site will be the place to look for that.


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Thanks for your help Paul, but Im going to ask a more specific

question. I want to be able to Manage Form Data, Merge Data Files into

Spreadsheet in a batch mode as I will be getting many forms in a short

period of time. I didnt see anything in the Batch Processing Tool that

implies that this can be done. Is this something I will have to write

or is this type of function available somewhere.


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In Acrobat, under the Forms menu, choose manage Form Data. On that menu is a merge data files into spreadsheet option.


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I understand and use that function quite often. I guess I phrased the

question wrong. Can I write a C# (or other programming language) program to start Professional and THEN have the C# program perform this

this function.


I have 50 (or some number) forms in which I wish to prepopulate some of

the fields with the same information. Is there a function that allows me to do this? Failing that is it possible to write a program (again with C#) to allow me to perform this function.



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There is an Acrobat/Reader SDK that allows you to control Acrobat from external programs like VB. I do not know C# but if it can be done it would be using the Inter application Communication interface. It is documented here:


let me know if this does the trick.