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2 Qs: Expanding Fields that Push, and using Graphs


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Hi all,

I'm a total newbie to LiveCycle.

I've created a form in LiveCycle but the problem i have is when users enter information in my text fields that extends beyond the frame, I don't know how to make the frame expand while pushing the fields below down further.

Someone i spoke to before said it's not possible in Livecycle/Acrobat but I know it's possible in Word and that only seems backward to me that MS can figure it out but not Adobe.

The second question i have is it possible to place a field into my forms where the user enters three data sets that each have three points, and then out pops a graph?

If anyone knows if either is possible, great! If anyone can tell me how to do either, even better!! I'm imagining anything is possible with JAVA but right now I've gotten 10 pages into JAVA for Dummies so I'm sure you can guess my level of knowledge with JAVA.

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