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We were doing some testing last week on with creating a User Management API in the Adobe Developer Console.  However, we have lost some of the keys that were created during the process.  We came back this week to access that information or create a new project with a new API, but selecting a new User Management API is now unavailable.


Is there any way to clear or delete our projects, get access to create a new User Management API, or access the keys that were already created from our original API test?




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Hi Andrew


Projects cannot be currently deleted but you can add new credentials to existing projects if you'd like to reuse the projects themselves.

Unfortunately, credentials that have been deleted cannot be retrieved. You will need to create new credentials. 

Creating credentials with the User Management API requires System Admin permissions, no other permission incl Developer role are sufficient. 

If you'd like, please send me a direct message with details on company name and what exactly you're seeing in the Console so I can try and help troubleshoot.