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Source date transformation to timestamp


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I am trying to convert a date from the source system to AEP timestamp in Event dataset. The source contains data like 2022-11-21T05:00:00 with a T in between date and time. I have added a data prep function date(source_date,"yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss") to convert it into Timestamp. After doing this mapping i see No error and in preview data everything looks ok. However as soon as i start the import process the import process fails and i can see error in the monitoring section "Error transforming data for required destination path timestamp. Details: com.adobe.aep.aexl.jexl.AexlScriptEngine$AepJexlEngine.parse@1:5 Unable to resolve function/method 'date' with the specified parameters. Please verify the function name, parameter count and parameter type." I am not sure why this error is showing up when in preview data everything looks good


Can someone help me how can i proceed now?


I also tried to update the source_date using substr and replacestr functions but it looks like you can't use this function inside date.


Many thanks!


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Hi @arpang16406580 


I think you have some values in the file which doesn't follow the format "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss" or you may have values which follows single digit parameter [Ex : 2022-1-2T05:00:00 --> date(source_date,"yyyy-M-dTHH:mm:ss")]. I would suggest you can use partial ingestion method or try to insert single record to confirm logic wise it's correct but issue is within the data. 



Arijit Ghosh